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UTEST Privacy Fundamentals Series – Starting July 16th

Starting on July 16th Privacy Horizon will be partnering with University of Toronto’s UTEST program to provide privacy fundamentals to early-stage health technology companies.

Privacy always emerges as a question to be answered by app developers and organizations in the healthcare space. Privacy and security controls are often mandatory requirements for health sector procurement. How can healthcare app developers and professionals address the privacy concerns of patients, healthcare providers, clients and service providers while staying lean and agile in their development practices?

In the Privacy Fundamentals Series we’ll be covering how healthcare providers evaluate the apps they are considering using in their workplace or recommending for patient use. We’ll show how your customers understand the risks of the of information that is collected, stored, transmitted and added to other systems.  You’ll learn how to recognize vulnerabilities and avoid breaches, and how to be be proactive, not reactive to security threats.

The series consist of three PHI sponsored lunch and learn sessions:

Session 1: Privacy Fundamentals: What does privacy mean to you and your company?

Session 2: Privacy by Design: What privacy and security features need to be built into your app, device or service?
Session 3: Minimum Viable Privacy: What is the minimum set of privacy and security controls needed to function in the healthcare marketplace?

The first session will be hosted on July 16th between 12pm and 1:30pm at the Banting Institute. We look forward to seeing to seeing you there!