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Security Incident Calculator

Find out how much a data breach would cost your company using our free security incident calculator.

Calculating the Cost of a Security Incident

What’s the cost of a data breach?

We use IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report to project the average cost of a data breach for comparable organizations based on the actual 2020 security incident costs incurred by 524 breached organizations representing 17 different countries and regions, along with 17 unique industries. All numbers are in USD.


Estimated Cost of Breach


Lost Business Cost


Detection and Escalation




Ex-post Response


Expert Incident Management Support

In the event of a breach:

Security Incident Report

We’ll generate a timeline of the actions taken and figure out the scope of damage.

Security Incident Closed

We ensure the cybersecurity breach is completely stopped and protect your business.

Remediation and Recovery

We create an action plan, contact affected customers, and help you address any ramifications.

Preventative Incident Management

Prevent cybersecurity incidents from ever happening.

Policy Development

We equip your team with customized privacy and security incident management policies.

Staff Training

We empower your employees to understand risks and prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Processes and Procedures

We create an action plan so you can successfully detect, contain, and respond to threats.

Response Support

We advise you on reputation management and communication when handling an incident.

We’ve Got Your Back

Leave it to the experts.

Safeguard your business with our privacy and security incident management program.