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Privacy & Security Awareness Training

Empower your team with an employee privacy and cybersecurity training program.

Invest in your team by building a strong culture of privacy and security. More than 90% of privacy breaches are caused by human error. The good news? Employee privacy and security training reduces security-related risks by 60%. Make your team your first line of defense with our simple and flexible learning solution.

Engaging employee privacy and security awareness training.

We’ve created a program that uses microlearning to keep your team engaged so they can remember and apply what they learn. All of our videos are short, relatable, high-quality content, and we release new training videos each month to keep your organization safe from the latest cybersecurity threats. 

Track your team’s engagement for continuous improvement.

Keep your team learning with quizzes to reinforce comprehension and a phishing simulation to ensure your team is prepared to prevent a privacy breach. Our trackable training allows you to see where your team is at in the employee cybersecurity training process and creates an audit trail to prove you’re following best practices. 

Let your team train whenever, wherever.

Available on mobile and desktop, our flexible platform empowers your team to train in the environment that suits them best. Keep your team tracking with short, easy-to-consume lessons all year long to maximize the learning effect and employee engagement. 

We have focused expertise in developing health information privacy and security training in academia and industry in partnership with the National Institutes of Health Informatics.