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Our virtual privacy office is your complete privacy and security solution. All of the privacy and security tools you need, in one simple platform.

Continuous Training

Train your team, track their learning, and demonstrate training compliance with the Navigator’s integrated LMS (learning management system).

Risk Management

The Navigator’s risk dashboard visualizes next steps and deadlines to mature your privacy and security program in one, simple view.

Built-In Coaching

Book coaching sessions and connect to your PHI coach in the app where they can view your Navigator dashboard and give you specific advice.

We've Simplified Privacy and Security

Your one-stop-shop for all of your privacy and security needs.

The Navigator platform is a suite of essential privacy and security tools and resources that equips your business to set up and operate a comprehensive privacy and security program, ensuring your business remains compliant with privacy laws and international standards. Address all of your privacy and security issues in one, user-friendly, innovative, and cost-effective platform.

Our All-In-One Navigator Platform

Generating privacy and security awareness.


Your dashboard is one place to get a clear view of your current privacy and security risks. The views are customized to the level of detail each user requires, making it easy to issue macro-level reports and demonstrate compliance to your executive team and board.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Training

Train your team, track their learning, and demonstrate training compliance in the Navigator’s integrated learning management system. Keep your team learning with quizzes to reinforce comprehension and a phishing simulation to ensure your team is prepared to prevent a privacy breach. Our trackable training allows you to see where your team is at in the training process and creates an audit trail to prove you’re following best practices.

Specialty Privacy and Security Training for Management

Equip your management team, developers, privacy officers, and others responsible for your business’ privacy with in-depth privacy and security training. Advanced content includes: setting up a privacy and security program, Privacy Impact Assessment, privacy by design, and privacy governance.

Executive Briefing

The Navigator dashboard gives you one place to get a clear view of the current status and priorities of your business’ privacy and security program. The views are customized to the level of detail each user requires, making it easy to issue macro-level reports and demonstrate compliance to your executive team and board.

Resource Library

Access the curated PHI resource library to get the latest information on privacy and security best practices. The resource library is linked to the other tools in the platform so that you can put learning into action. Resources include: Canadian and international privacy and laws, guidance documents from privacy commissioners, data protection authorities, and other regulators, and white papers and research papers published by reputable educational institutions and leading private sector organizations.

Privacy and Security Assessments

Get a snapshot of your current privacy and security program and identify key gaps and risks with the in-app privacy and security readiness assessments. The resulting gap analysis and remediation roadmap sets a baseline so you can develop and continuously improve your comprehensive privacy and security program. The assessments empower you to scale your solution and expand into new marketplaces, ensuring you comply with privacy and security legislation requirements in every jurisdiction where you do business.
Our All-In-One Navigator Platform

Ensuring continuous privacy and security assessment.

Our All-In-One Navigator Platform

Creating tangible privacy and security action.

Risk Registry

Track and manage the privacy and security risks identified in privacy readiness assessments, privacy impact assessments, threat and risk assessments, privacy and security audits, and privacy and security testing in your Navigator risk registry. The risk registry demonstrates that risks are being managed and integrates with your business’ enterprise risk management program, tracking the maturity and ongoing improvement of privacy program activities.

Policy Manager

Develop and manage a comprehensive suite of privacy and security policies that are customized for your business’ unique needs and comply with local, national, and international legislation and standards. Create and manage policies, share policies and agreements for signature with internal and external team members, export policies to your company’s wiki, and trigger policy review reminders all within the Navigator.

PHI Shield

Automatically monitor, detect, block, and contain cybersecurity threats and attacks with our advanced, comprehensive endpoint security protection. We keep your business safe and secure, managing your endpoint security for you from one centralized hub where we continuously scan and monitor new files, URLs, and injected codes to identify cybersecurity threats, ensure new attacks are blocked, and deploy solutions remotely. Get a complete view of your security status from your Navigator dashboard.

Online Coaching

Easily access your PHI privacy coach who will provide you with expert guidance as you navigate your business’ unique privacy and security journey. Book meetings with your coach and review logs of all your coaching engagements within the Navigator platform.

User Forum

Access the PHI user forum where you can engage with the PHI privacy community, ask questions, share experiences, and discuss privacy and security through in-app webinars and news.

Step into your Virtual Privacy Office.

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