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Focus on your clients while we manage your cybersecurity.

Day by day hackers choose to target small and medium sized businesses in greater numbers. The proliferation of digital services and work-from-home organizations has quickly presented more businesses as vulnerable and profitable targets to hackers. PHI Shield brings the tools, expertise, and resources to protect your business.

Managed Endpoint Security

Protect your workstations and servers from hackers. Replace your antivirus with Managed Endpoint Security, enabling real-time protection against ransomware, file-less attack, malware, and zero-day attacks. We automatically monitor new files, URLs, and injected code to ensure new attack are blocked, allowing you to stay secure without wading through reports.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Control issues remotely. Ensure that you remain in control of your devices. PHI Shield will monitor your endpoints and manage them remotely if an incident occurs. We remotely manage patches, shutdown or wipe compromised devices, and remediate security breaches.

On Demand Services

A complete data protection framework. For many businesses that don't have a full-time privacy or security professional, expertise is hard to find. Privacy Horizon's experts are available on-demand at a discount to PHI Shield subscribers. Make PHI your one-stop shop for all your privacy and security needs.

What does fully managed cybersecurity look like?

Managed Endpoint Protection:
Your organization’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. PHI Shield will ensure all of your computers are consistently protected against ransomware, hidden processes, spyware, file-less attacks, and zero-day attacks.

Remote Monitoring:
Ensure that you remain in control of your data. PHI Shield will remotely monitor and manage your endpoints to manage patches, shutdown or wipe compromised devices, and remediate security incidents. 

Password Management:
One bad password can open your organization up to attack. PHI Shield’s simple password management solution ensures your employees can easily implement strong passwords and two-factor authentication. 

Dark Web Monitoring: 
How will you know whether a breach has already occurred? What if your accounts are already available for sale? Our dark web monitor will track down any traces of compromised accounts. 

Privacy and Security Training:
Training remains the best way to prevent breaches caused by human error. Privacy Horizon’s online training provides continuous privacy and security training to your staff to keep the risks top of mind. 

Monthly Status Report:
Don’t be paralyzed by dozens of reports. Our security team will manage the day-to-day and deliver a concise monthly report.

We keep your business safe so you can focus on what matters most.

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