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Privacy in the Pandemic Webinar

April 30, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Live, Interactive, Online, via Webex

Free to Attend
Limit 20 Registration

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Brendan Seaton, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Privacy Horizon Inc.; Past President, ITAC Health
Patrick Lo, CEO, Privacy Horizon Inc.

As the world tackles the pandemic, information sharing for public health reasons and privacy protection is an ongoing debate. Join privacy experts Brendan Seaton and Patrick Lo as they explore how the world has changed and how privacy will support a global recovery based on information and evidence. They will discuss what we have learned from past crises such as 9/11, SARS and H1N1; what we are learning today as we work and school our children from home, keeping our social distance, and maintain critical services; and what the future holds as privacy invasive technologies such as artificial intelligence and electronic surveillance drive innovation and change.

Where is privacy in the midst of the pandemic? Is privacy an enabler or inhibitor as we struggle to cope with the challenge? This special session will put you ahead of the curve as you help guide your organization back to the new normal.

Please join us to learn and share with us your insights.

This session will be of particular interest to anyone responsible for privacy in their organization.