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Privacy Horizon Teams Up With MedStack

Privacy Horizon is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with MedStack Inc. to bring comprehensive privacy and security solutions to start-up companies delivering healthcare solutions in Canada.

The collaboration combines Privacy Horizon’s training and assurance services with MedStack’s secure and compliant application hosting platform, creating a complete solution set for these companies, simplifying the process to achieve the privacy and security standards required by their healthcare enterprise customers.

Privacy Horizon works with entrepreneurs and app developers to identify and manage privacy and security risk. “Our Minimum Viable Privacy Program is a kick-starter for companies that need to demonstrate compliance with privacy laws”, says Privacy Horizon CEO, Patrick Lo. ”With the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, healthcare organizations are going to be demanding evidence that innovative solutions are secure.”

MedStack provides secure cloud hosting services for applications, databases, files and analytics engines. “The MedStack platform has built-in privacy and security protection protocols such as auditing, logging, backup, encryption, access controls and monitoring, with this cloud functionality well-documented in pre-written privacy policies”, says MedStack Co-founder and CEO Balaji Gopalan. “Our platform and services are designed to meet expectations for healthcare privacy compliance in Canada.”

Together, Privacy Horizon and MedStack provide a unique end-to-end privacy and security solution for Canada’s healthcare innovators.

For more information about MedStack please visit the MedStack website.

For more information about Privacy Horizon’s Minimum Viable Privacy (MVP) Program, please visit our MVP Page. MedStack customers receive preferred pricing on the MVP Program. Contact Privacy Horizon for details.