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Privacy and Security Awareness

Privacy Horizon is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Fivel Inc. to deliver comprehensive privacy and security training and awareness programs to the Canadian health sector.

“Human error is the number one cause of privacy and security breaches”, says Privacy Horizon Chief Creative Officer, Brendan Seaton. “Falling for phishing scams, using weak passwords or carelessness, exposes personal health information and critical systems to attack. Privacy and security awareness training is the first line of defense for responsible organizations.”

“Fivel is a complete end-to-end learning solution that combines content, platform, and coordination services.” says John Breakey, CEO of Fivel Systems. “We apply the latest advances in learning science to boost comprehension and retention. Our cloud-based platform is easy to understand, simple to use and quick to navigate.”

Privacy Horizon’s Privacy and Security Awareness Tutorial can be adapted to any jurisdiction and stakeholder group. It ensures that your people are aware of their obligations under privacy legislation. It enables them to understand best practices to protect personal health information and critical information systems.

Privacy Horizon has extensive experience and insight in healthcare privacy needs. Their training and compliance program is the most comprehensive privacy policy and practices program specifically designed for the industry. Now it is even easier to access and deploy in in any environment whether large and small.