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Now Launching – CyberRisk Management

COVID-19 and CyberRisk… We’ve Got Your Back!

There is a clarion call out to the world’s innovators and entrepreneurs to join the global fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus. This pathogen has brought the health systems and economies of the world to their knees. It will take the creativity and ingenuity of a generation to set things right.

While you and your teams work around the clock to bring new solutions to market, malicious agents operating in cyberspace will be looking for opportunities to attack you and your customers. Small and medium sized businesses are especially vulnerable. It’s hard to keep your eye on the ball while watching your back. CyberRisk Management is key to your success.

CyberRisk Management by Privacy Horizon and Alexio is a turnkey solution supported by a team of certified privacy and security experts. They will worry about privacy and cybersecurity while you focus on building and marketing your solutions.

Don’t be derailed by a major data breach. We’ve got your back!