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Incident Manager Now Available

Privacy Incident Manager

Privacy and Cybersecurity incidents are stressful, time-consuming and often result in operational downtime. How can you be sure that all your employees and team members are following the proper procedures under the stress of a potential Privacy and Security breach event? PHI’s Privacy Incident Manager is designed to streamline the incident management process making it easy to follow a consistent procedure and log the results of each potential breach. The Privacy Incident Manager provides a centralized platform for tracking, reporting, and responding to privacy breaches, helping you to manage the end-to-end breach response process, from initial detection to resolution.

Some of the key features and benefits of our Privacy Incident Manager include:

  1. Centralized breach reporting: Provides a centralized platform for reporting privacy breaches, allowing organizations to track and manage all breach incidents in one place.
  2. Incident response management: Provides guidance and support for managing the end-to-end breach response process, from initial detection to resolution.
  3. Data breach impact analysis: Provides organizations with the ability to assess the impact of a privacy breach, including the type and extent of data that was compromised and the potential consequences for individuals and organizations.
  4. Containment and remediation: Outline the steps that organizations should take to contain the damage and remediate the incident, including implementing technical and administrative controls and conducting investigations and assessments to identify and address the root cause of the incident.
  5. Provides ability to get access to Cybersecurity Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR) team to conduct analysis and provide a complete playbook for managing impacts on technology assets.  Access to team also includes system restoration and data leakage analysis services.  
  6. Provides support for Ransomware incident management and a team, on request to support a complete Lifecyle of Cybersecurity Breach response.
  7. Communication with stakeholders: Outlines the steps that organizations should take to communicate with stakeholders, including affected individuals, customers, partners, and regulators, to keep them informed and manage their expectations.
  8. Compliance reporting: Helps organizations meet regulatory reporting requirements by providing the necessary information and evidence to demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations and standards.

By providing a centralized platform for managing privacy and security breaches, our Privacy Incident Manager can help organizations respond more effectively to privacy breaches, reduce the risk of harm to individuals and organizations, and improve compliance with privacy regulations and standards.

For more details or for a demo of the Incident Manager please contact us here.