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How My Viva Continues to Improve Their Privacy and Security Every Day

As the digital landscape continues to evolve in healthcare, My Viva has developed My Viva Plan® as a SaaS solution to help healthcare professionals improve their efficiency in managing and coaching patients with chronic conditions and during transitions in care. My Viva Plan® automates & streamlines the creation, management, and delivery of personalized care plans. Peer-reviewed research has shown the solution also improves clinical outcomes for patients.

Yet, like many other technology companies operating within the healthcare space, My Viva has experienced the challenges of affirming trust and confidence with their customers and partners by providing a strong privacy and security program. One of the key factors to consider when improving your own privacy and security program, is the ability to stay on track with any strengths, weaknesses, or risks that may be present within your existing programs. As companies advance into larger scale-up operations, it is imperative to ensure a seamless process in which all aspects are considered.

CEO of My Viva, Loreen Wales, sought to address these questions and challenges by not only creating a new avenue for technological access to virtual health but also demonstrating the growth of her company by continuously finding ways to strengthen their existing privacy program that customers and partners can trust. “We had a vendor for PIAs, a vendor for TRAs, and a vendor for Penetration Tests and none of these vendors talked to each other, ” said Loreen. “We were left with many disconnected action plans and no clear path to continue improving.” 

To ensure that My Viva could expand into other jurisdictions with confidence in their current privacy program, they leveraged Privacy Horizon’s suite of tools, including PIAs, TRAs, and Pen Testing. Binding these services together PHI’s Virtual Privacy Office provided dedicated privacy and security resources who established a cohesive and effective process by building the internal privacy policies, and procedures, remediating risks, training staff, and developing disaster and recovery protocols in cases of incidents or breaches. “We work with Privacy Horizon every month to continuously improve our privacy program”, Loreen expressed. “They’ve combined all of our due diligence into one vision, and they have the experts available to implement it.” 

By continuously managing the current strengths, weaknesses and risks within your privacy and security program early on can greatly reduce vulnerabilities within your organization. By effectively implementing the recommendations from these assessments, My Viva is now better equipped to protect the sensitive information of their users for the future.