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CPPA Assessment Now Available

The Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) is a Canadian privacy law that will come into effect this year. The law aims to protect the personal information of individuals by establishing rules for how businesses must collect, use, and disclose personal information.

The CPPA applies to all private sector organizations in Canada, including businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and charities. It requires organizations to obtain meaningful consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, and to provide individuals with access to their personal information upon request. Organizations must also have robust privacy policies and procedures in place, and must appoint a privacy officer to oversee compliance with the law.

The impact of the CPPA on businesses will depend on the specific practices and procedures of each organization. Businesses that handle a large amount of personal information, or that operate in highly regulated industries, may be affected the most. Businesses will need to update their privacy policies and procedures to comply with the new requirements, and may need to invest in new technologies or hire additional staff to manage these changes. Additionally, businesses that fail to comply with the law could face significant fines and penalties.

Overall, businesses will need to take a comprehensive approach to ensure compliance with the CPPA, including updating their privacy policies and procedures, training employees, and implementing appropriate security measures.

Where to go from here?

To help businesses address the CPPA requirements, Privacy Horizon has developed a CPPA Readiness self-assessment tool as a part of PHI Navigator. The Readiness self-assessment tool gets a snapshot of your current privacy and security program and identifies key gaps and risks. The resulting gap analysis and remediation roadmap set a baseline so you can develop and continuously improve your comprehensive privacy and security program.

For more information about this assessment tool and our privacy services, please contact us.

And remember the bottom line… Privacy is good for business!