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How do I manage a privacy incident?

Category: Privacy and Security Incidents

Your business should establish policies and protocols to prevent, detect, contain, and respond to privacy and security incidents. There are three critical steps in managing a privacy incident. First, you will need to complete a security incident report. Second, you need to ensure that the incident is closed. Finally, you need to communicate and implement an action plan for remediation and recovery to all of those involved and implicated by the security breach. In this final step, you must notify all individuals, customers, and regulators of the security breach and the actions you are taking to mitigate harm. Depending on your business, your organization’s breach management protocols may need to be coordinated with the protocols established by your customers. 

We’re here to support your team every step of the way as you manage a privacy or security incident. Whether you need help preparing and preventing incidents from ever happening or responding to a security breach that has already occurred, our team is ready to help.