Privacy Horizon maintains an easy-to-use suite of online tools, processes, and templates that enable organizations to implement day-to-day privacy practices and therefore demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and customers’ expectations. This includes tools and templates for:

  • Corporate privacy and security policies
  • Operating policies
  • Privacy notice for website
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Information inventory
  • Monitoring and audit
  • Incident management

Thousands of startup companies across Canada and the United States are struggling to meet the privacy demands of customers and regulators. Unable to afford the services of the big law firms and consulting companies, they forgo privacy protective practices putting themselves, their customers and their investors at risk.

Privacy is an area where start-up companies can differentiate themselves. It’s a feature to be promoted and an investment that can pay big dividends.

Minimum Viable Privacy: MVP Program

A privacy kick-start program for start up, small and medium size organizations. Learn More.

Managed Privacy Services: MPS Program

Outsourced management of your privacy and security program. Learn More.

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